A Ukrainian family that lives in Germany has approached Sanjeev Silva, Director of Sapien Care Group.

Denys Surma and his family have scrambled an emergency operation to drive medical supplies from Trier, Germany to Poland, and on to the Ukraine border, where they will meet their Ukrainian counterparts to take the supplies further and providing them to trauma victims.

An article for a German newspaper regarding this Denys’ efforts is available here.

In an emergency situation like this there are no registered charities as they take time to set up.

They expect the worst trauma to occur in the next few days unfortunately.

The situation within the Ukraine currently is all in all of our thoughts, and therefore we need your help. Your donations to aid Denys’ Operation is greatly appreciated

To donate funds please use PayPal and describe your transfers as ‘International aid donation’ using the following account details below.

FAQ-The most asked questions:


With monetary donations to our association, which was founded yesterday:


IBAN DE85 3706 0193 3004 4440 00


– If you are in a good financial position& you can help us a lot!

We can use it to cover current needs here & on site, to finance medical supplies & equipment, petrol, supplies for the drivers & people we also bring to Germany.

– This means that the work is recognised as non-profit and donations can be officially generated.

– Statutes attached as PDF – the association was founded in 4 days.

with targeted donations strictly according to the call (see attachment), your time & your commitment.

-Helpers for sorting, loading, packing etc. are often needed at short notice.

(we will still be compiling lists of helpers – unfortunately we don’t have enough time).

– Please donate STRICTLY according to call and category – everything else we have to refuse!

– Please stick to the time schedules (see topic“donations“ see 4.).

– Please ask in the #Donations thread before you just drive off (especially on weekends!).

We apologise and ask for your understanding that we are not fast enough with the information.

 with patience & reading all updates before you act 

– we will now work with hashtags = there will be info, answers & communication on the topics that are important in “threads ( posts)” with a topic

4.which topics are there? ( is always updated)
How to find the topic? ->Screenshot

– Current donations – Topic/#: donations # update #club

– Currently needed help – Theme/#helper #immediately

– driver wanted – driver- theme- #driver

– You want to support us long term? – Topic:#collaboration

– You want to get in touch with a representative/organiser of the association? – Topic #organisation #contact

Info: as soon as we see something in the thread that is currently important, we will come to you-please link the responsible person, e.g. #transport#transport @denyssurma

-useful info/websites will be collected: Topic #infolinks

You will continue to receive updates from us – in the case of special situations (special information, also beautiful moments etc.) also more often.

What all organisers have least of all at the moment is:TIME!

Therefore, please again for patience and indulgence, we try our best to simultaneously help, inform and coordinate our private lives 

On behalf of the organisers @denys@tanya @mariana @dominik their families, friends and all Ukrainians: THANK YOU! You are the oil in the gears of this association and all its actions!