Having watched the last 2 webinars with interest Sapien Care group have not only provided me with better quality information regarding where we are with vaccinations and the impending Long Covid crisis they have enabled me to hear firsthand from people who know what the actual facts and realities of the situation are.

Hosted by the very likeable Prof Stafford Lightman, Professor of Medicine, University of Bristol the guest interviewees provide insights that are not available elsewhere, back in Early December 2020 Prof Jerome Kim, Director General International Vaccine Institute, informed us of the situation with Vaccines being stockpiled in the wealthier nations and the ineffectiveness of our vaccines if there were not more distributed, Roger Henderson, GP and Health Broadcaster went on to say that to enable the government to deliver the number of vaccines required to hit government targets centers outside of GP surgeries needed to be set up, all of this and every other prediction came about.

In last month’s seminar the panel including Petter Brodin, Immonologist, The Karolinska Institute Stockholm highlighted the lack of knowledge and data available to enable us to prepare for the impending wave of long Covid sufferers roughly I;10 of the people infected with Covid 19 to hit us.

Stephanie De Giorgio, GP and Clinical Lead UTC, a medical expert and leading practitioner suffered herself and shared not only her symptoms and treatment but the effect it has had on her and her colleagues as sense is made of something so unfamiliar and unknown to us all. Early signs indicating HRT has had an effect on it.

What next for Long Covid?

No data available, no one seemingly collecting it, Sapien Care group are looking into it.