February 8


09:00 am - 05:00 pm

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Lubenham Village Hall

1 Laughton Road, Lubenham, LE16 9TE

Lubenham, England, GB, LE16 9TE

If you can imagine it, it has already been done!

The year ahead is seeded with great potentials as we witness huge changes and pivotal decisions being made globally. As with any period of big change, opportunities arise that have previously been considered near impossible. This year everything is to play for and we want to maximise your opportunities to get the most momentum and fulfilment from it.

Our first event of the year in February promises to leave everyone grounded in greater wisdom and more ready than ever, to take impactful action towards their OWN real life.

We have some incredible speakers, sharing their life wisdom and practices that will support you to enter your own initiation.

Here at Fourthguides we are all about wisdom as the road that leads to a fulfilling life. Forget what you think you want, it only leads to disappointment and emptiness and our lives carry way too much potential to spend time chasing illusions.

We work to support people becoming who they really are, living a life that has never been lived before, nor will be again. Our motto is “If you can imagine it, then it has already been done”. We don’t deal with the safety and boredom of living only in the known. We want you to step right onto the path of coming to life, the path of truly being born and we do this through supporting your own self initiation through the unknown.

The unknown is where life’s treasure awaits; it is the place that every real hero and heroine has travelled beyond themselves to.

Come with an open mind and who knows what treasures you’ll leave with. Narrow minds, as always, will leave disappointed.

Fourthguides was born to facilitate the creation of a better world, one in which people are fulfilled through living their own unique life purpose. It is just getting started, so if you want to be involved, get in touch, meet with us at our events and find your place in the real world.

Introducing Our Guest Speakers

Kevin Latham – Living Myth

Far from being outmoded anachronisms, existing solely to pad out the pages of yellowing, dog-eared library books, our mythic traditions are vibrant, living entities. Seeded within the fertile soil of the collective unconscious, their tendrils snake out beneath the superstructure of our minds – punching through blankets of cement to flower in the most unlikely of places. In this hour long session, Kevin Latham will examine the significance of mythology within our contemporary lives – performing one of the British Isles’ most enduring tales and inviting listeners to examine it’s spores under the microscope.”

Darren Deojee – Self Initiation in a Culture of Lost Rites

Birth the indigenous man in you through time-honoured magical connection with the ancestors. Any man who steps without an honourable and active connection to the skill and generosity of those who came before him, to their method, their process, their skill that he is wrapped in…such a man risks narcissism, arrogance and depression in equal risk and measure. Such a man believes he IS the spear, and e’er falls short, while the indigenous man know he is merely the tip, hurtling forward on a haft of ancestral power, gifts and living encouragement… such as man is loved, respected and honoured. Such a man is never alone, never isolated, and never without options. Such a man is an indigenous man and a treasure to his family and friends. Reconnect to the ancestors, return to the indigenous mind you emerged from, and find levels of sensuality, power and connection you had only dreamed of.

Darren Deojee

James Roper – Natural Dance

Natural Dance is a practice that allows us to move in an authentic and embodied way that is free from judgement. By forming a space that is receptive to new forms of physical expression, without the need to look ‘cool’ or stick to specific patterns, this form of both guided and free-style dance can allow us to find new modes of expression, shift dormant energy and help us tap into different aspects of who we are.

James Roper Art

Charlie Mitchell – Conscious parenting for the inner and outer child

What does conscious parenting mean to you?

What would fully conscious parenting look like and feel like?

What barriers stand in our way of conscious parenting?

These are big questions that can provoke all kinds of responses from deep inside us. Whether you are currently a parent or not, we will explore what contributes to us being ‘response-able’ in different situations which can help any children in our lives, including our own inner child!

We’ll explore this incredible topic together, with you sharing only what feels comfortable.

I’ll share a bit about my experience of becoming more aware of my own parenting approach, and the steps I have taken to face and minimise destructive patterns that have been playing out for generations.

Creating Space For You

Val Sterling – Guided by Life

Val has spent his life interacting with Nature, from farming to gardening he explores the wisdom inherent in the land and within us, through not knowing. He will be sharing in his characteristically humble style, some of his beautiful and inspiring life experiences and will also be demonstrating some very simple practices that have supported him in carrying out his practical work in tune with life.

David Schofield – Guide, Visionary and Co-founder of Fourthguides

David will be co-facilitating the event, initiating key conversations, keeping the floor open for the unknown to step into and driving you to question your current thinking just that little but more.

David will be available for enquiries throughout the weekend about the work Fourthguides is doing and how to get involved in creating a better world by being your real self.

Purpose In Action

Teri – Guide, Visionary and Co-founder of Fourthguides

Teri ‘s work revolves around wellbeing, coaching, regenerative lifestyles and Nature based wisdom, she will be co-facilitating the event, initiating key conversations, keeping the floor open for the unknown to step into and driving you to question your current thinking just that little but more.

Teri will be available for enquiries throughout the weekend about the work Fourthguides is doing and how to get involved in creating a better world by being your real self.

Purpose In Action

Testimonials from past events

David is a an absolute master of network-weaving and a magnet for engaged, interesting people. After just a few online discussions and attending the September event, I’ve found connections and collaborations worth moving to the opposite side of the world for, and am now setting the wheels in motion to do just that. Thank you David … and everyone!

– Kylie Stedman

I have lost count of the number of ‘initiatives’ ‘groups’ ‘sessions’ ‘seminars’ etc that have purported to be for my benefit but have actually been a means to ram a concept down my neck or sell me something. This approach allows us the space to choose, contribute and in some cases alter the direction of travel.

– Lenny McCoy

Having the opportunity to become involved with Fourthguides has allowed me to challenge my ideas about what it means to be a leader in today’s society and really explore what building a regenerative society might entail. I’ve come into contact with some truly inspirational people who have broadened my networks and introduced me to new and different ways of thinking – I’m very much looking forward to continuing my involvement and seeing what we can achieve together!

– Kat Marlow

David brings together such a rich breadth of innovative and intelligent thinkers all with the common aim of improving the society we live in. The events (both online and physical) have been inspirational, and challenged my own thinking through the provision of safe space for mutual exchange of experience, background and ideas. I couldn’t have wished for higher quality time with other attendees from such diverse walks of life.

– Simon Kershaw

Accomodation, Travel, Food & Attire

The event takes place in the beautiful countryside setting of Lubenham in Leicestershire. See map here:

The village is close to Market Harborough, with all major train links. Buy train tickets here:

Buses are available on the morning of the event, but will leave you with an hour or so on your hands prior to the event. See the bus schedule here:

If you’re traveling by car from the M1, take J20 onto the A4304 toward Lutterworth. Follow this road for roughly 25 minutes to Lubenham.

We suggest you arrange accomodation for the night before so we can start early on Saturday morning- there are plenty of bnbs, hotels and – for the brave – camping in the area. Here are some sites to check:

We will provide lunch on both days of the event for those who select the appropriate ticket, otherwise please provide your own. Please arrange for all of your other meals and snacks if you desire them. A selection of hot drinks will be served throughout the weekend.

Please dress comfortably in as loose clothing as possible to allow a range of movement, as there will be some movement activities involved.

If you would like to participate fully, please also bring something to lie on during our quiet meditation exercises.


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

As we will be dealing with mature themes, the event will only be open to adults of 18+ years.

What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?

The premises has a private car park with easy access

What can I bring into the event?

Bring a pen, paper and a desire to learn and intention to engage fully. Bring your own food if you have chosen to do so. Bring something to lie on for during our meditation exercises.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

David is available at or 07388938292

What’s the refund policy?

We can offer a refund up to 30 days before the event

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No, but some photo ID would useful

Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?

Possibly. Please contact us to discuss.

Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn’t match the person who attends?

Yes, if we have discussed prior to the event and agreed whom it is will attend. Otherwise, anyone showing up with someone else’s ticket will be turned away.