Dr. Peter S. Tippett

Founder and CEO of careMESH

Founder and CEO of careMESH, is a physician, scientist, business leader and technology entrepreneur with extensive risk management and health information technology expertise. He is board certified in internal medicine and has decades of experience in the ER. As a scientist, he created the first synthetic antibody compliment in the lab of Nobel Laureate Bruce Merrifield at Rockefeller University. His PhD in Biochemistry (Case Western Reserve University) included among the first computer modeling of biologic processes. One of his early startups created the first commercial antivirus product, Certus (which sold to Symantec and became Norton Antivirus). As a leader in the global information security industry (ICSA Labs, TruSecure, CyberTrust, Information Security Magazine), Tippett developed a range of foundational and widely accepted risk equations and models. In 2019, careMESH launched the first national platform that allows hospitals, practices and public health agencies to easily and securely deliver medical messages, patient records, lab tests and referrals to any other healthcare provider or practice.

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